Muppet Treats for a Birthday Party

Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo, Animal, Dr. Teeth… how many Muppets can you name? Our son is completely infatuated with the Muppets these days thanks to the “My Muppets Show” game on the iPad. In the game, you can earn Muppet characters, move them around on stages and do other activities. Having been a kid in the 80s, I thought I knew a lot of the Muppets, but my son can name Muppets I never even knew existed. It didn’t come as a surprise then when he wanted to have a Muppet themed birthday when he turned four earlier this year.

st Birthday cake

Chocolate chip

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster cupcakes

cookie monster dessert table

Cookie tray

Cookies cake


kermit apple dip

Muppet babies birthday cake

Muppet Cupcakes

polkadot hat